mardi 9 novembre 2010


This is the self-portrait of my 9 years old son Malik for Afterwards... This is him after school doing his homeworks...Every friday he ask me what's the theme of IF and when he's inspired, he gives a shot. Like this one.

vendredi 5 novembre 2010

mercredi 7 juillet 2010


Dessin en cours...
Not finish yet...

mardi 29 juin 2010

IF-Satellite of love

"Satellite of love" is my favorite song of Lou Reed. I cannot think of something else when i see the word satellite. This is a painting i made long-time ago.

dimanche 25 avril 2010

samedi 10 avril 2010

mercredi 7 avril 2010

IF-Dip par Malik

Voici l'illustration de Malik, mon fils de 9 ans pour Dip.

This is my 9 years old son Malik illo for Dip.